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I've yet to make that floor custard cake, haven't I?

Archives and screenshots hold reminders to endure when Time records contemporaries who go to lengths I wouldn't. Collections of social media posts have the odd souvenir as well, even though when it comes to the original, I haven't read it. Snippets of signal among the noise cut through and explain the assumptions that lead to the material in my feed. Speaking of, thanks to the Dube for the chickens - equine adage aside (u), it's led to recipes and fletching on my end, and ideas of what to bring to a next level class.

It shouldn't be a surprise that readers go no further than the headlines, and yet for some reason I continue to expect better than this. (Wonder if that event covered the dairy cattle, preserved meats, and fruit crops from a few years back. That article led to the finding of honey being quite useful in berry preserves when the sugar's out.)

Wow, he apologized for his? That's a step up.

Vocab 美国 has no need to do what vocab 中国 speaks of when the 政权 does just fine with its own actions. (Before I forget, vocab 台湾.) Besides, as the 政权 well knows, 泥淖's got its own problems.

Ending with this just in case the sugar's out again.

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