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I wonder if 面天 is a thing...

Yikes. 不是他的妹妹 - 是他的妻子. Man, 其二角, that's harsh. (Mild /s.) Uh... (something nice, something nice) 美花? And why embroider the lanterns? Wouldn't that add weight and, since the design's on one side of four, imbalance their flight? (Correction: round, not squared. Embroidery balanced by seam?)

Let's see - applying reading material and overstepping authority to buy votes (might I suggest a nap), using government information to pad a portfolio, physically endangering one's constituents (my condolences to Dorian's dog), and playing with the lights all the while. It's interesting to watch those who consistently choose the politicians who make these choices, then wonder why the risk keeps on. I wonder if 'the game' entails allowing such people free rein (not reign) to their own devices and then profiting from the fallout?

D'aww, stubborn 妹妹-ish. Yeesh, the long game starts in childhood.

Adding this because it'd be interesting to see whether fratello can justify his imbalance on his own back rather than on those of his adherents.

Ending with this because buttercream forever.

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