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I wonder if feathers work for the whole thing...

Why do I keep getting the keywords 'nice guy' in my feed? If I understand the zeitgeist correctly, the term has come to mean its exact opposite, so why would I want that?

Being an apostate doesn't keep me from reading articles written by those who stayed in their church. The fact that a candidate such as the one in question here exists shows distinctly how the past few years have conferred the opposite of wisdom. During his (to clarify, the candidate's supporter's) time as a candidate and on multiple occasions as POTUS has this slip happened, joined by others ranging from Mr.-Lomax comical to too blatant for even an opinion network to ignore.

Now, even with live documentation and a local endorsement of his opponent, those at The Junction stay their course. (Though to that endorsement, I'd reply that past and current choices on state CJ policy reflect a candidate's possible choices should he be elected to the post he's running for.)

Birds of a feather is my guess at continued stumping for such a candidate (and I don't just mean political party); but I wonder at the rest of The Junction and the audience they cater to, knowing what they have seen both on screen and from behind the camera. All the thumbs up to those who, knowing what came before, make the same choice again.

Adding this because I need a nickname other than The Spin for these blinkered bats. (Do I dare expect another of that panel noticed that the murder rate is separate from the total crime rate, do I question the speaker's intelligence, or do I question the level of regard she has for her audience's capacity for discernment?)

Adding these articles here to 看看 more birds of a feather.

Ending with this to build on an earlier curiosity.

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