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I wonder if Woodpecker Driller's still around

You know, I still can't tell if there's a split in the sleeves for the 舞者 的 手 in this study material?

Yeesh, it's this episode - 杀了 我 的 父亲 是 不是 你? I think I'm missing something here - 杀人 是 不是 你, 谁 杀了 父亲?

I've the oddest feeling that there are current trends in the feed that are just another way to diminish dissent. Aside from the usual who's at dinner where, the diversions here are calling criminal behavior a distraction, and making excuses for infirmities both physical and mental in a head of state. (Noise on social media is standard operation - haven't you heard that news before?) Adding this for the punt.

Junction Dwellers will have failed again at their posts if they're willing to allow the nepotism they decry in others to just smile and walk away from the consequences they seek to shunt anywhere but on to Sundowner et al. Sick of hearing ad nauseam the numbers on their credibility and the reasons for those numbers, they have to resort to ad hominem in star charts, card games, and puff pieces to boost circulation (oof, spoke too soon) because they're used to expending little effort beyond wet, squishy warmth (why is that other student's interview, the blond-ish kid's, so much harder to find now?) to maintain the "oligopoly on information." This isn't a case of which knot, and softening a harsh truth has been tried before.

Adding these articles for vocab 蒙古国.

Adding this because that's two, 豺狼.

Ending with this to explain what I'm looking for. Also because whoa.

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