If the star fits

Keywords in recommendations that don't reflect the reader are from input that is from sources other than the reader. Screenshots are more of an ally than a dubious tool could ever be.

(As is the mission statement on the website: "Our algorithms evaluate millions of articles, signals and human interactions to deliver the top 0.01% of stories that matter most, right now." Is Astrology still sorted under Health because of Cancer?)

A breather gave me time to test a soup dupe (serviceable so far, watch the salt, fresh herbs are essential - sugar kicked it up a notch, so I'll try brown next go-round) and to bump into a reboot of another show that I might call a procedural from the other Robin Hood-ish end. It's fitting to have a searchlight when one still lives with the results of what's on the spot, so up these articles go to compare the administration they speak of to the fictional folk I watch their constituents portray.

Adding this because vocab 爱沙尼亚, 拉脱维亚.

Adding this because applause to 吏僭 (reflecting in 汉字 what 你 实操) for the ability to meme. (Projecting the indefensible again, 豺狼?)

Adding these because memory-holing information is what puts people at risk for 吏僭 memes and 豺狼 projection. (Adding this too [as well] to [for the purpose of] acknowledge that Meph is the tool that pointed me to it.)

Adding this because I don't read this language or understand why the video is repeatedly recommended, but screenshots, Meph.

Hah! Better ending, this - thanks for figuring out a translator works better than singing and hopping.

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