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Il y a d'emballage en plastique?

Pop pop pop the bubbles - it's more than one group of people turning their backs on the party, but considering this new round of beef, I'll link in this bit articles that focus more on a specific group.

With this topic in particular, my call would be that "to get rid of the spam bots" is true; however, the deal's at risk not "because it has spam bots," but because the platform's trying to hide their number. (Going by this, yeah.) Tough to blame Tony for holding the platform's records over their heads (a factor of how many?) in order to get a better deal.

Tying the two together - the polls support the claim of disillusioned constituents, the numbers support to excess the claim of bot accounts, and the best response to a guy who addresses both is another bog standard race-related identity claim? I've long since chosen the amount of respect due to nacho inspiration, but perhaps it would be helpful for the beefer in question to have a local news update on the state of the state.

Adding this article because apparently the coasts balance out.

Adding these articles as a reminder of 以邻为壑. Also, vocab 德国, германия.

Adding this because condolences to a reminder of why I don't use such apps, but weren't you in my feed months ago?

Ending with this because hop hop hop.

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