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Ils sont la, tous les deux

An acknowledgement of an old cop show favorite turned unnecessary before I flail over a surprising discovery - DUDE, Tony's in with TONY?

Instead of using fuel here to bolster energy supplies until green alternatives can handle the load, it's sold to a 政权 who has no qualms about using it alongside tech it's developed - and tech it didn't. (Keyword "bored" is popping up in the feed again - do people not like reminders of events in which they continue to be complicit?)

Adding this because it helps to focus on the connections between the various tyrannies (微软), and to know the location of the shop that makes hair sticks.

Adding these because speaking of connections between tyrannies, 敌害's still tweeting.

Adding this because thank yourselves, mass mailer, for those numbers.

Adding this because I don't have to vote for someone to note the feed's patterns in its keywords.

Ending with this because hungry and curious.

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