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Instead of playing with consonants

Starting off with this good thing, one of many that have come online recently. Glad to see those more interested in actively assisting those in need. In response, however, to this article, I attach this one that at once oddly agrees and vehemently disagrees; and I for one wonder how this development will affect daily life, knowing how much tech touches every part of it. (Addendum: the pragmatism of seeking ways to brace oneself is accompanied by the emotion reflected in this article, which speaks of the current state of a long-standing issue that one does not merely drop.)

- I've seen videos from the app in this article come through my recommendations, the viral ones that make it into one article or another, without being on the app itself. Being able to keep that distance comes in handy when news like this comes around, so if the app does get banned, it's a doddle to find another means of entertainment.

- Ending with this article because I'm curious if anyone's combining restoration efforts with an aquaculture project.

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