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Intentionally or accidentally funny?

There are times when this particular news aggregator shows images that have no relation to the title of the article, usually a stock image of some anonymous person (one of three, if my internal image tally is accurate) smiling out of the screen next to the headline. However, considering current events surrounding this specific duo, I thought I'd share this interesting pairing of headline and photos, if only for QC purposes - rather certain the two in the For You recommendation are not associated with the state in question, and it's the first I've seen where the image the app shows has more to do with the headline rather than the content of the article the app links to.

(Quite the display of talent, app.)

Keeping an eye on that frenemy thing at #3, though.

Ending with this because I don't need an account here (or here or here) to get some aww.

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