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皇上 的 母后 是 太后 吗? First of all, there's another term used in the dialogue for 'adoptive mother,' though I've yet to catch it at dialogue speed and note it down. Second of all, 太后 的 脸 in both not-Aesop and flip-side-not-Aesop are rather similar; I wonder if it's just a pigeonhole expectation for such characters or if they cast these actresses based on historical portraits. (对, 她 是 太后.)

今 五阿哥 (对不对?) 是 Aesop 的 太子 (对不对?) - 对吗? 五阿哥 是 她 的 姐姐 的 强奸犯 only, or 杀人犯 as well? Hang on, 采花贼 is almost literally accurate in the context of a 花园, though 强奸犯 and 杀人犯 are the start of a more systematic list. And that's a live-action depiction of 卖身投靠 - 都父亲是诺夫, in both of these study materials. 下本儿 is translated as "invest" in both subtitles and my dictionary, though the reference includes time and effort as well as money. I wonder if this is a Freudian slip written into the dialogue. Then again, if I've read this character (五阿哥, 不汉字) correctly, I wonder if that was a slip at all.

Doubly ensuring that this gets its own space, despite its fit with fast track to 50. I'm glad to read that, despite more luminous names on the platform in question, there are those who test that platform's output like I test these dubious tools. (I'd ask one to reconsider the "better," but where they post is their call.)

At this point it's not just about a 豺狼政权's hold on a social media platform; what this particular platform's doing has been done before, which is why despite my awareness and experience of other platforms being an alternate means of long-distance communication, I limit my own usage. This link doesn't have information on user locations, only user numbers in each experiment; so with the exception of election-related material, I don't know if these experiments were performed within one country, continent, or language group.

The information I need to confirm whether 豺狼政权's usage of (hang on, it's still in 'allegedly' stage, so I should use the term 'connection to') the seemingly innocuous and undeniably ubiquitous (earlier, I'd posted links to articles regarding users of all age ranges) has moved from 实验 to 武器 is to know whether different results enter the feed depending on the user's location (NB: cheerleader over team). And I say confirm because I've long since decided.

Noting that if one is to keep aware of examples of applied reading material, one must keep one's eyes open. Thank you for teaching.

Laughing at this because seriously, the new cast is the safety hazard around machinery, but the daily jambags aren't? The kids are penalized for taking photos of all that plastic, but the teacher has a a protection detail? (Consent to be photographed, fair; but a girl dress coded for a white turtleneck under a black lace dress cannot be compared to how overtly sexualized this instructor is. Also, there's plenty photos, thanks; you can stop now.) How are comedians not having a field day with this material?

Adding this because it's a much calmer discussion of a sentiment I agree with. (Thanks for the reminder of what I redirect.)

Adding this because I'm reading "budgetary pressures now being placed on" and reacting 'as if you didn't actively propose-lobby-campaign to take such pressures on.' In the balance of wanting to help these immigrants versus accounting for citizens, you made your choice, and repeatedly - don't worry about fingers when a mirror will do.

Ending with this because I wonder if it's a hot water bottle.

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