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Is MOAR still a thing?

Because I'm really enjoying this cultural enrichment. (Not so much this particular bit - it's subtitled rather than captioned, with jangly music and tinny voices.) Of course there's a broadcast schedule for study material - it takes some getting used to, picking out days of the week when they're numbered rather than named.

It's difficult, isn't it, when those without a Junction Dweller background can find information more useful and relevant to real-life situations than star charts and royal flushes? How proud are such people to be part of a field that once made a difference, Static noise that now actively conceals information unless they're forced to own up to it by those without their background, and yet to be themselves reduced to cranking out toilet paper fluff and pop culture hit pieces that have nothing to do with chart toppers, mass-produced tooth-rotting cotton-candy insubstantialities soothing the consciences of those bribed into self-immolation? (...Yikes acknowledged, not linked.) Congratulations to those who've figured out that it is just plain entertainment, but I don't need a horoscope to know Rita Skeeter was written for such people.

(Tangent - aww, 河蟹 included archery in between-the-music commentary that had nothing to do with the music. Something nice, something nice - uh, nice music? Also, my most sincere congratulations to the archer, and thanks to him for information that's remarkably freeing.)

Adding a resolution to keep my stance on trends, thanks, since people are still fleeing areas (heh, "mixup") in which Marxist elements are actively applied, as well as resisting repatriation to those areas. And this because if the application of a philosophy requires that its critics be silenced, the fallout will come even to those willing to play 'the game.'

Adding this because, regarding a term that was initially a call for decency which degenerated into Puritanical irrationality, racism as a defense of that term remains unchanged - as weak an argument as ever, and from the same people who drove it in the first place.

Penultimate this because nature kicks, and because if such pains are taken for mere luxury items, wouldn't it be brilliant to exert equal effort on something medicinal?

Ending with this because I don't need an account to find such soothers.

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