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Is speaking out?

Finding neckbeard memes and something that rhymes with "eight hanks" in my recommendations is at once disgusting in its implications and reassuring in its impotence. The larger issue at hand is the caustic tendency to take the right to associate to an extreme.

Accusing someone of something they didn't do, painting them as something they aren't, and then dismissing their justifiable anger as noise is as venomous as the accusers paint their opponents to be. Pointing out how bathroom permissions can be misused is not the same as denying basic rights to the people that those permissions were meant to protect, and such a vehement reaction to such a view, and to the letter making the rounds in the current news cycle is, if I'm interpreting this correctly, part of the reason for the electoral college - mob rule is dangerous when driven by a lie.

What's more, creating the sort of association that penalizes people not for their own actions or beliefs, but for those of their immediate associates, is worse. Justifying that behavior under an existing right is a misuse of that right, silencing opposing views with unjustly applied -isms, causing the fear that leads to self-censorship and the current state of those who once claimed to share a common view eating each other alive.

Interesting how illiberal this flock of accusers is proving to be, and how much of what they're teaching is wrong.

(And for the those who make the algorithms that serve the directives of their companies, those who I hope are aware of outputs that expose biases within, not the input, but the algorithms they've created, for the action of abrogating to the end user the responsibility of what shows up in the feed, I suggest this.)

(Also, along the theme of eating each other alive - this is of course figurative, and this [found through this] is very nearly literal.)

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