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Is that a C or a sickle?

Thank you for shedding light on an issue that exists where money meets poverty. Good thing you've already looked into why businessmen would choose to invest their money outside of a country with a Communist regime, or why young people leave that regime because they have difficulty finding work within their home country. (Or were you busy translating the wrong dialect?) Certainly you've also looked into why, if the archipelago pioneered such gambling organizations earlier, crackdowns on taxes occurred under the incumbent's administration. (Or were you busy with impeachment at the time?) And of course, there's that issue of how many similar kidnappings associated with these gambling organizations are targeted, not at foreign nationals, but at fellow citizens and balikbayans. You've looked at those issues as well, right?

I, for one, am certainly curious to see what a media outlet with such connections and capacity for research can find on that front, gold-star spin and all. (And because I won't let myself forget, still there, 微软.)

In the meantime, I'll check out the rerun with the bastardized flood story and the false dichotomy between vegan and carnivore, because not even that material is allowed to escape the wokeness.

6/14 - Speaking of wokeness, I'm looking forward to any modifications to that anti-terrorism bill, because guess what, blondie, this mess is still going on. (And this.)

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