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Is that kettle shake a bug or a feature?

It seems like the R sound is what points to a forced accent around here, but the current rerun adds another reminder to find that card. (Odd name for her dog, but not the oddest.)

Definition change to suit mob rule (cudgel) does not conceal artifice, whether through surgery and prescriptions or camera angles. And if the preceding are examples of "best practices" at The Junction, I'd say this article has the answer to its question.

Adding these articles for 兄弟 and брат and bruh, how's that sale tie in with the green agenda? Selling fossil fuels to finance the switch to renewables or to clamber (out of or deeper into) an economic hole? The only difference between fuel burned closer by and fuel burned within a 政权's borders (g'day) seems to be the ability to say "at least we didn't burn it." I'm sure that decision takes into account who extracted it and who needs it.

Ending with this because yum yum.

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