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Is that the new buzzword?

Ambition seems to be the new term echoing around the ad space. Same people coming up with these bits, or different companies cribbing off others' work, I wonder? Either way, if that echo's the sort that leads a person to sell some corporate soul for cash, then I suppose it makes sense to learn the language of those to whom the sale is made.

In an effort to understand both the salespeople and their preferred clients, I thought it would be interesting to play with translating significant quotes from recent movie reruns. At the moment, I'm just crossing my fingers on whether or not I've gotten 哭主 的 儿子,哭主 的 妻子 right. I wonder if I'm relying too heavily on the context of 儿子 and 妻子 to imply that 哭主 is a parent, at least, in the first case, and a husband in the second.

Oh well, back to the books. Maybe next time I'll do a quote from the FBI beauty pageant movie that ran around dinner, or the movie with the PI flyboy that was quietly stashed in the late-night lineup.

(On a side note, handheld foods are great for nourishment mid-study. I'm thinking a sandwich with two layers of iceberg lettuce around a bit of deli meat - ham's appropriate for this one, I think - along with some caramelized onion and some heirloom tomato. Top it with a bit of pineapple, torch it to get some flavor, and enjoy, or foist it off on some gormless old rotter if you're not into the combo.)

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