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Is that what you call true from a certain point of view?

Study material for kids is less quickly paced than its adult counterpart, but there's still enough overlapping speech that I'd rather wait for the period drama. Also - no captions, but I'm certain it's Simplified spoken translation over Traditional hosts' conversation.

Automatic captioning makes regular errors even with neutral North American or Received Pronunciation, and live human captioning at speed is more prone to mishears than is captioning at relative leisure, because of that speed. A certain point of view must consider less important in the "basic sense of decency" an incident of a White male public official holding an innocent Black male constituent at gunpoint (capitalize one, capitalize all), considering the incident is so infrequently spoken of except in counterweight publications; however, one only has to watch the process in action, live or recorded, to see the use of time limits and crosstalk in that process.

Focus on yinz health. That job's not a televised political interview, and yinz of all people know it.

Adding this because if it's true, how rapidly an esquire degenerates into meme sweatshop material; and if asked to choose between Puff-Don't-Pass et al or - yeah, I choose or.

Adding this because what's an ACU? Ah. If one would prefer not to use the ACU rating, then the 538 might do.

Adding this because these numbers are a couple of years old, so does the tech rep not know the current numbers?

Adding this in case of any further retconning. (Also collecting info on similarly-minded folk.)

Adding this as a reminder.

Ending with this because more study material is always welcome.

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