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Is this an instance of "quiet part out loud" or just plain Freudian?

Somewhere among the typical celebrity nudes and breakups came these odd bits of whoa. I'd expected the headliner to make this sort of slip, so it was a surprise to see it from his second. It was an even greater surprise to see that the headliner made the same mistake. Now "Lotus for POTUS" is still an entertaining slogan, but I'd like to see how this ticket's associates explain away such a coincidence, and how their voters explain their choice. Is it one that's made because it's acceptable under the circumstances or is this choice still imbued with that bit of buyer's remorse?

Since the names on the ticket are confusing in the same manner just whose name's on the rudder, maybe it's clearer to their voters now about who between them is truly meant to steady the proverbial ship.

0:10 - 0:30, but vote anyway.

Oh yeah - considering this nation state's more recent actions, it's entertaining to see this continued level of projecting.

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