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It'll take more than that.

What can I say that hasn't already been said in the partisan not patriot's comments section? 'Ignoring all the scientists' is hyperbole easy enough to debunk, and I quite agree that anger and triumphalism are still very much in evidence (do I have to list the ways, Dorian, or would a wiseguy's video or screenshot of a mirror selfie or a quote from the 44s be more convincing?). I'm eyeing that olive branch with about as much favor as I eye the predators that fund so much of the associated industries' work.* (Baring teeth, not 熊ing teeth, though I'm enjoying the play on words.)

And speaking of that funding, I'm refreshing a memory of a pair of papers on either coast and some old ladies with colorful 伞, as well as keeping a weather eye on these tech issues. (No, I don't need to know, but now I'm curious about 221.)

Yes, the source of this poll means a grain of salt is in order, but it's not the only thing smacking of buyer's remorse.

By the way, keykeeper, considering this affects more than just the one religion, is enabling really the best course of action?

Also, the El-Aurian's not enough to erase the memory of the Pakled, or the timing of these episodes' broadcasts, and it goes without saying that not a one of them's real or neutral. But keep these reruns coming - they're still fun to watch.

* As opposed to the predators heading up the productions. Silly me, I nearly left the hashtags out.

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