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It's Monday

So let's just Scrooge up the place early, then.

- Contesting the election of a person whose legitimacy one doubts? Never seen that before, but it might soothe to know there are folks who don't mind acknowledging these new developments. Is this continued resistance an unpopular opinion to disregard, sickles, or is it just more news that would cause a disadvantage if released?

- I may have mentioned this recollection in an earlier post, a fanfic I read a while back, the moral of which was along the lines of, 'if you need a tenor for a barbershop quartet, get a tenor.' I thought equal rights meant looking for a tenor no matter the skin tone, rather than filling a quota even if it means choosing a soprano. Why is that such a controversial opinion in higher ed nowadays? It would be lovely, wouldn't it, if one could learn and teach without having to worry about eggs, tomatoes, bricks, sanctions...

- Back to the point before omelets distract me. From what I've learned, I fully expect more parties and shopping to end up on what passes for news. It's fashionable to make public apologies, so why not flout the rules anyway, give oneself a reason to apologize? When PR, good or bad, is integral to one's business, it's no trouble to do as one wishes, post-tweet-vid one's regrets for having done it, and repeat weeks or months down the road with little consequence. So many have chosen a spectacle of something that rhymes with class for their entertainment, so you do you - I'm not the one buying it. (Speaking of not buying it, making a joke, saying you don't mean it, and then acting in a manner consistent with that joke means that you lied. Wait, that was harsh. You didn't mean not meaning it. There, better?)

- While I'm on entertainment: franchises are fun, I'll allow that, but it's an easy way to cover a lack of ideas and not enough of a distraction from the mess behind the scenes. Consider who suffers most from the choices made regarding financing foreign and domestic, and how it shows in the changes to characters and storylines and methods of promotion. Knowing entertainment is more freely accessible and easier to create than ever, I'm almost sorry for being more comfortable on the outside than the people within who don't have the platform to survive the loss, but I make no allowances for those whose discomfort leads them to seek a scapegoat somewhere other than among those responsible.

- Here's one thing to thank Dorian for. Go away, omelets.

- My, I do like dictionaries. I'll repost the full saying, in part to remind myself - 君子报仇十年不晚. You wanna talk outdated mentality? Let me know when y'all came up with that saying, and maybe remind me how many multiples of 十 熊兄弟's got going, considering, IIRC, he's the second generation of it. (The arrangement's meant to be 'characteristic' + 'person,' right? Because using 兄弟熊 to fit the flick wouldn't make sense in that case.) Here's another saying I found using the same search term - 有仇不报非君子有冤不伸枉为人. Feel like less without going full 敌害? (Haven't found a way to make a clickable link when attaching one to a single character, though it works fine with multiple characters. Still there, 微软.)

I'll conclude with this - d'aww.

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