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It's not your sea to claim.

The real meaning of thirst does not bring a smile. The media bares its throat, then rolls on its back. It seems they're not the only ones.

"....Enormous amount of racial discriminative contents, including generalization of African culture, stereotypical portrait of African women, and Chinese performer with blackface" is acceptable behavior when performed by a paying overseas client.

What's the word that describes condemnation of an action in one party and celebration of the same action by another?

From tech (still there, 微软) to sports (how's basketball doing over there?) to movies (too many examples to choose from), these articles reflect the choices a culture has made. I'm faced with a choice between a collective that's chosen to follow the path of drones and trackers and the outliers who have suffered censure for thanking a politician on the opposite side, who have seen "the bigots they claim to hate." I'm more likely to believe the latter.

On a brighter note, it's certainly entertaining to measure how the objectivity and accuracy of horoscopes reflect solar, lunar, and news cycles. (Fixed. How long has that been there?)

(Before I forget - for vile views, one can't go wrong with propaganda videos. Who knew they'd go for South African accents?)

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