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It's odd to say last month is last year

But I wonder at what time of day and day of the week this was initially broadcast - I caught it as a late-night rerun that sparked my interest enough to do a bit of note-taking. Something about 230 and algorithmic amplification. I also wonder if I'm accurate in saying that a person so unlike myself is treating information from - how does one refer to people on whom whistles were blown? - with a similar bovine appellation. (Still willing to choose Wars over Trek?) And why would something like this be deleted? Since I don't have a subscription with TB, I don't know if it was made available yesterday.

Keeping an eye on articles like these and looking for any allium except leeks. (I'll believe this when I see it - still there, 微软.)

(Adding this because having an expanded view does help with comprehension. These are people within their borders, yet treated as other - what I think the commenter may have meant in part about "not until we can take care of ourselves, will I prioritize them over us" because it looks like something similar is happening here too. If such things are already happening within another state's borders, and those are the people to whom they hold an obligation as a government, it's a small enough world that not dealing with the issue now means dealing with it here sooner than one thinks. I have to agree with the comment regarding "a man who could afford the consequences of doing the right thing and standing up against a crime against humanity" and (still there, 微软) chose not to. I hold to my view on leeks.)

Ending with this because it made me laugh last year, and this because it's not a leek.

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