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It's only small talk when it's not your area

Just bumped into a reminder that I'd once asked whether someone raised a little Cain.

From what I've read on this issue, the reversal is a correction of a decision that wasn't theirs to make in the first place. The undoing of an instance of overreach sounds to me the opposite of radical. The health consequences of that decision, however, are beyond my experience. (Adding this because - hang on, it's not a done deal yet? Then why does the reaction feel like one to which the decision's been finalized? If that's the case, I might agree with those who speak of the leak as a means to force the judgment in a specific direction.)

Earlier news about a mysterious pilot means that I'd want confirmation about this, wanting to believe that something so small can take out an army directed by someone who - it's oddly amusing to think that he'll be joining the чай party once he starts chemo.

Still there, 微软 - how's that 投入 going?

(Adding a pattern observation on margaritas that might be holiday-related if they weren't accompanied by holsters.)

Ending with this because aww.

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