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It's spelt fuchsia, and it's ick.

I have the oddest feeling that one of these guys is 其三角. And background noise reminds me of another reason why I don't do pink. Material comes through the feed, however, that reminds me of who's earned a round with the blood quill. It's "for decorum," captioner, not "for the decorum;" and "the means," not "the meanings." Be a damn sight difficult for a person on film to say more than one thing at once. (Hey, if you can't align what you think you hear with what you actually hear, that very literally sounds like a you problem.)

Adding this because "Beijing’s control over the Chinese economy is so complete that the only way to ensure that American commerce does (quite sure you mean ‘doesn't’) assist Chinese military development is to push for less trade between the countries, particularly in high-tech and defense-related sectors."

Adding this because fratello can laugh at himself and be grateful that he's still alive to do so; and even an apostate can be grateful that he's got a retirement ready to go, as well as hopeful that there's better in the wings than complicit silence.

Adding this for vocab 印度. (There's a quote from 熊兄弟 that links to this.) Think I ought to add this too for vocab 巴基斯坦.

Adding this because if 北韩, then 南韩? (Yep.)

Adding this for still there, 微软.

Ending with this because the language is rather accurately translated in the captions.

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