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I wonder if the videos on the landing page feed is a result of a change in how the Search responds to terms entered. Watched one earlier on goalposts and mirrors that I found reassuring. (Yes, Meph, despite everything.)

It may be the press secretary's job to spin the administration's actions, but considering recent coverage (does this count as a karma visit, Lotus?), I do hope these cheerleaders understand why I'd say 'wonky' is a term too mild for this situation.

"Nothing else" other than double standards, surely.

Huh. Wondering about this one, because I think there's an argument to be made about upper body strength (which the former swimmer did make in the article further down). If I understand this person's argument correctly, however, I wonder if it's about using the golf clubs to adapt to different builds - starting from the same spot at the same hole on the same course with the same weather conditions, each chooses a club of a different weight to the other competitor in order to aim for the same effect (gravity helps). If that's the case, then I agree gender is less of a factor in this sport; and I disagree with the writer saying the preference for golf is what drives the change in support. The gist I'm getting from this (and the complaint the article writer has) is that the competitor in question can win or lose as easily as any of the others in this event - rather thought steadier goalposts, as it were, is the point in measuring such competition. In comparison to, specifically, swimming and skateboarding, the match in question has more balance than competitors in those sports had.

Adding this because it's a wonder to see how Veritas has lost its meaning. Ah, wait - rewrite, of course.

Ending with this because backing image or not, they're still surprisingly handy.

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