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Journalism's Flaws

I'm not about to breach a paywall for a publication I don't support.

Comparing one article to another on the same issue reveals in the second a bias that's more suited for an opinion page, but seems to be bog standard for the publication that contains it. The examples the second writer used to present the opposing view, as well as the details included about those people, are telling, and confirmed by a quick search of the writer's background.

This sort of writing is a reflection of the biggest problem I see in the media. It ticks every box in the list of stereotypes that I once might have considered part of a comedy special, but I've since found to have more than a grain of truth. In fighting for the humanity of one group, such people dehumanize the opposite.

Is this sort of article comparison covered in journalism classes?

6/14 - Dearie, salt isn't good for flowers. I thought you cared about the environment.

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