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Keep your hair on.

Before coming to a conclusion about who's the fascist, I'd like answers to a few questions.

Who's repressing women's bodies?

Who's still insisting on lockdowns they refuse to follow? (To be fair, just because Governor Cap-Tooth isn't going by his own rules doesn't necessarily mean he ate there.)

Whose government heads are doing badly by their constituents?

Who's trying to muzzle and eliminate dissenting views? (The second link results in a 404, so here's the text the search shows - "I formally request that DirectTV, and all media providers join together and take a stance in making a business decision, out of their social responsibility to their core values and to the nation that keeps them in business, to remove Fox News, OAN, NewsMax and any other organization presenting themselves as journalism, or commentary, but rather are functioning to take advantage of Americans with the aim of inciting insurrection toward the government of the United States.")

Enjoy the knowledge that you're projecting again. (Cough-you-shouldn't-be-able-to-talk-about-it-cough look familiar, sickles?) Being the Empire must be so painful for those who insist they aren't, especially since the people at the top have utterly bent to 敌害 (IME 2 again) 金融家 (who no longer need Tinseltown).

The talking heads in whom these people put their belief used the mechanisms meant to support the ideals they chose in order to undermine those very ideals. Whether they see that or not, I leave to them the responsibility for the lens through which they insist on viewing this situation. (Something must be visibly out of order when even Cable Opinion Network's used the word "rambling.")

It's a safe bet the writer of this article chose some of these people, and I wonder if knowing herself to be complicit in what they're doing is a weight on those shoulders. Hissy fit all you want, dear, but he's got exactly how it works.

Eyes on Mr. Robot's Neighborhood, tentacle beasts, and behemoths that deserve a lawsuit for every living koala.

Ending with this because gamerfish.

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