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Keepy uppy!

Yeesh, what is with their continuity? 谁的女人? And I haven't caught much info out of the traditional on the bottom, but the blank papers are enough for me to root for.

Adding this to laugh at the measures 豺狼 政权 的 河蟹 will use to silence dissent. (Moving it for the fit.)

Politics is a grown-up's game where one can display a patently obvious lack of focus, simper into revisionist palaver, and have others accept the outright retconning if one plays very well indeed. I shall continue to expect this pattern, and expand my awareness for other examples of the same. (Weird that I should have to.)

If I'm right on the lyrics, it's moonrise. BOO-YAH! ありがとうございます月出! Before I forget - when it comes to study material, best stick with Aesop. That series actually has both languages in captions and subtitles, not just for the first few episodes, but for the full run.

If one acknowledges a network's pattern in an environment where memories are augmented by search terms - if a network was never "that liberal," why would accepting more input from those who hold an opposing ideology be such a sweeping change? - it's a surprise that anyone would take Don seriously. (And I have the oddest feeling that I've pissed off the algorithm by recalling the other half of Ferguson.)

Ending with this to root for seaweed. (Which don't technically have roots, but eh.)

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