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Adding the image because it reflects the level of respect I have for the zeitgeist.

Much better coordination between dialogue and video in the study material today, though I think it's subtitles this time rather than captions - what was in that water, and what does it have to do with her right ear? 她不可以做饭吗?

Mr. Biden, you're the only thing keeping your son out of the situation in which so many of your constituents now live; his drug abuse is merely the most visible sign of his corruption, not the most damaging aspect of it.

Adding this because Anti-Truth's down; waiting on Puff-Don't-Pass to follow.

Speaking of corruption...

Adding this to tie together information - I don't have to vote for someone to acknowledge when he's right. (That's how one fights fascism.)

On a related tangent, one expects a 豺狼政权 to treat non-weaponizing pledges the way it does those for green energy and 50-year timelines. (和谐不可以堵嘴人人 ? Dictionary entry is 你别想堵住我的嘴, so would it be 和谐别想堵住人人的嘴?)

Adding these articles here because it's best to focus on yinz health, fundraising e-mailer, considering I wouldn't vote for yinz if I could.

Adding this because if ever I need to be on there, I'll be taking screenshots.

Ending with this because dancing birds are one of the few things in the feed I can accept without question.

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