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Knotty issues knotted

Yeesh, there's got to be a better title than that one. Eh. Onwards.

- There's more than one news organization putting forward information on the region in question in this article, not all of them western (unless the use of English is how this publication defines western - and the colors on the map to which I linked may have shifted since it first came out). This article doesn't say much on how the regime it supports is aiming to "preserve local inherent ethnic cultural characteristics," but I have a feeling the indigenous people's actual language, their choice of who to marry, and their children would do more for the "ethnic cultural characteristics" of an autonomous zone (I noticed the term "independent" was in quotes here, and I wonder if the term "autonomous" is why) than a cheery cartoon caricature.

- A bit of news some years back showed a boy who stole produce to feed his younger brother healthier food. I haven't confirmed that memory with either an article or a video, but it would be good to hear things have changed for the better for those two, who came to mind because of the sharp contrast in this piece of news. Considering the items mentioned, the resale method in this article is going to differ, but the rest of it (mentions of the same reverend, same morning broadcast) ties into the same issue.

It seems like these methods of trying to be nice are taking things in the wrong direction. I wonder if it's appropriate to call this sort of "being the bigger person" limited to the physical.

Adding this because, going by the transcript, it ties directly into both issues mentioned above. (Regime, information control.)

Ending with this because kitties.

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