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I have to say I'm grateful for this article. Having come across still there 微软 (and 苹果, et cetera), it's helpful to know what views each candidate holds. Without discounting information on former administrations - though it may be a more pragmatic choice to tie oneself to a nearer larger entity for one's own self-preservation, I keep in mind 谁更 (should there be a 了 here for past tense?) 文字 and how that specific 更 reflects on that entity's continued view of its neighbors.

Adding a mention on the use of dissent in comedy - I don't agree with every stance he holds (such as the one on elections - sure looks worth fighting for, and rein not reign), but I'd rather watch his work considering I see little of what I'll gladly call his courage in his modern contemporaries. Unless they're caught out for their support of issues that have "new" evidence. (Prove me wrong.)

Adding these to keep a weather eye on recommendations -

- Step 1: start an account in order to delete it.

- In recognition of Mothers Day.

- What's the going rate for 卖身, and who learned from whom? Or is it just rampant and they happen to be part of it?

Ending with this because it's getting me to consider changing my mind on Freckles.

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