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Lessons incorporated

- Just got a reminder that third party sellers can market their products through multiple platforms without necessarily having to disclose which platforms they use - encountered one such seller who sent me a product packaged for a company I actively avoid. (Adding this to the list of reasons why.) I've asked for disclosure of which platforms third party sellers use other than the one currently being viewed, but if that's not feasible - for the site I shop on, there's a menu on the left-hand side of the page that allows one to limit sellers to the main site itself. Something to try next time, mitigate the problem.

(5/7 - That's two packages from the same shop, sending me part of an order labeled for a company I actively avoid. I've already brought this issue up with the site I actually used, and left the shop itself a message with the tracking number that belongs to the site I actually use.)

- So when people on one side of the ideological divide choose to subject a speaker to more racist treatment than do people on his own, that's the fault of the people who aren't calling him racist names? The terms I've seen that fit this article's argument are 糊糊涂涂, 妄想症, 团弄... There are other terms around the related concept for the third link (to clarify, the one among the 汉字), as well as other terms that more accurately reflect the clip, but this is the one I think best fits the situation in the article.

This situation, I think, is another that defines how one does have to go beyond the words in the dictionary to what one feels, so I'm sure to find more terms, no worries.

- Huh. Mr. Robot's neighborhood responded to transparency by disabling the source of that transparency. (There's more to the issue, of course, but keeping these articles here to keep an eye out.)

- There's a segment in this article that mentioned the pandemic as a reason for delays in fulfilling trade issues. A reminder, if only to myself, that I've posted earlier about delays on a 脱空汉's side that were not related to the pandemic itself.

- I'll admit to enjoying the videos from one of the apps mentioned here, but I also keep in mind who decided to take security measures and who decided to indulge in a shiny new-at-the-time form of entertainment. Don't need to download the vid app to view the fun stuff, so thanks for that functionality.

- Fun with recommendations: keep giving me reasons to side-eye your recommendations, dubious tool, and I'm sure I can keep finding room for this brand of entertainment. (Seriously, you can't even define my generation - you think you can describe my eye contents?)

- Ending with this because there's more to today than platform reminders.

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