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Let's keep it to three, shall we?

There’s a story about different perspectives involving an elephant and three blind men. If I remember it correctly, the man at the trunk declares the thing in his grasp a snake; the man at one of its legs, a tree; the man at its tail, a rope. I'm thinking this is the story used to explain how those different perspectives come to be, as well as defend the correctness of those perspectives by understanding their subjectivity. However, just because each of these people think they're right, I'll point out that the elephant is still there. My continued difficulty with how information is shown stems from seeing the man at the trunk being consistently louder than the rest. (Want to see Ἀρτεμισία burning Αθήνα? Look in the mirror.)

One shot, three medical emergencies? Condolences are very much fitting, but my question now is how many of the people attached to the recent events also organized projectiles and water before assembling.

- If it were only about wealth, I might hold a Lex Luthor in the same regard as I do a Tony Stark. (Bruce Wayne comes first, of course.) But it’s never just about that, which is why I cheer Stark over Luthor no matter where he ends up on the score board. However, I can’t agree with this. Creating something, even a stupid-boy-with-a-degree thing, isn’t what caused this situation. That’s like saying the invention of knives created Jack The Ripper. I think the question is, what has it been allowed to become? Once the beliefs of people who are accepted into that organization skew the choices it makes to one side over another, the knife becomes a bayonet, a cutting tool turned into a weapon. Besides, why restrict the domino analogy to only one tech company, when it easily applies to others? (Cough-appropriate-slogan-change-cough.)

- By the way, I very much enjoy these moments, these bits of peaceful acceptance of difference, as well as the celebration of strengths and the assistance to weaknesses that are independent of skin color or trouser contents. However, I look at the stories of people who have been denied the use of a bathroom because of a badge, who have lost their livelihoods because of a cadre of incensed commentators, who deny their students the lessons of the past because of their own activism-fueled interpretations, and I say wokeness has proven itself to hold none of that peace, respect, or tolerance, however much it might attempt to signal them.

- I'll also add that, if everyone has committed this infraction, then relying on a headline and a stock photo the way this article does is gaslighting, considering the symbol that was actually worn is explained at the very bottom of the article itself.

I’m well aware that I’m more counterweight than balance at this point. I see less of a need to apologize for that, and have more of an urge to refuse the act.

Ending the post with this curiosity. It's been a repeat topic in my recommendations and, while I'm raising an eyebrow as to why this aggregator's algorithm assumes it applies to me, I'm also curious as to how it might, and how I might find that out.

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