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Let's see more of that

Study material looks like an archeology documentary specific to musical instruments. An old painting had a red circle and dialogue that sounded like 这是什么 (wonder if this show has vids on which I can pause and rewind for captions...) accompanying an item on a platform with a group of musicians - 那是什么?

It's a difficult choice, whether to attribute a situation with a sitting head of state to decline or to malice; either way, the appropriate word is "aversion." (Thank you for changing that which is still in the URL.) If pointing out these lapses in Mr. Lomax is spun as 'weaponizing gaffes' (there's a reason I labeled it "The Spin"), I'd counter by saying it isn't about the man's age, but how that age affects his ability to govern.

Adding this video and this one to highlight the difference between them, and using a timestamp to show their connection.

Just for kicks, adding this video as well - your words, policies, and narrative got you reaching for the earplugs, do they?

Adding this because it sure sounds familiar.

Adding this because keep going!

Adding this because what's called "dangerously close" is something I've called complicit for years.

Ending with this entertainment that could be combined with exercise or chores, or even learning new vocabulary.

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