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Let what go?

One does not let pass such egregious behavior from any regime, and I don't mind highlighting other people whose work refuses to let it pass, especially when they are more deeply affected by that behavior than I am. For a regime to use its position to continue to cause such harm I think is an action that deserves the sort of pushback it's getting. (Vocab: 纽西兰, 窃盗. Why did I have to type out each character in the second term separately, 微软? Still there, by the way.)

Here's an article whose tone is far more conciliatory, but I think no less a challenge to the regime's current direction. This article has, if memory serves, a graph that shows acceptance of that third-child policy by region and population percent; since the first question I had about those regions was where exactly they flipping are, here's a map that shows their locations.

If I've timed this post correctly, it should show up over there a bit after lunch; therefore, this is the most appropriate article to end the post with. (31.)

Also, since this just popped up on the feed:

(I thought this addition fit the food-related stuff better than having it as part of a new post - nice recipe, now how's the border?)

(Oh, and this too, considering the majority of the material on this post and the platform on which it's posted.)

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