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Recently had a moment where I was glad I saw the movie before reading the book. Had I read the source material first, I'd have been busy pointing out the rewrites and pandering that turned the film into a very loose adaptation of a YA tech dystopia instead of enjoying both as separate pieces of entertainment (and slamming through a book at a speed I haven't done in years). On to the meat.

So long as these 狼 are going to perform repetitions of that Cold War line, I think it's appropriate to keep an eye out for articles like those that follow.

I don't see what grounds a country has to ask another in the opposite hemisphere to support a third that immediately neighbors the first, except that the first country in question seeks to keep the 国 it would create out from under a headstone. (Huh. Tidy lineup of neighbors here.) Grain of salt alert here, but from these articles, the country in the other hemisphere has little reason to use its resources as its counterparts request.

Still glad to see, despite articles such as these (koalas!), that there also are articles such as these. (Vocab: 立陶宛. Huh. Somaliland doesn't have an entry in my dictionary to compare, and using an online translator results in a combination of 索马里 and 马里兰.)

Ending with these articles because sometimes looking back as well as forward is what it takes to look up.

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