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It looks like I'll have to move more onions than I first thought. For future reference, chives are a hardier and more effective fence, and an earlier nectar source to boot. (They're blooming!) Coffee cups for in-ground pepper pots?

I'm getting the feeling that these posts affect my feed like terms in a Search bar, with results that don't necessarily match the original terms or intent, like searching for laundry stripper ingredients and getting links for hooters. (To be specific, while I've found 印度 information to be useful indeed, many among the increased number of related results fall under the heading of hindi hindi hindi yan.) If that's the case, then I'm glad I moved an earlier link into the term 'trashy sellouts.'

I wonder just how many people (other than these I've linked to) supported the Biden clan in this garbage? (Had to laugh at Nepo Baby's WoG reference.) I'd like to think that the concept of no corruption being so high up that the truth cannot bring it down is more than a comforting gimmick or movie gag; and if this information is one such blow against what one must counter, 'foreign and domestic,' then that strike is one I'd find most gratifying to see.

And dude, he was born in Praetoria - he's ineligible for a POTUS run. Thanks for confirming my suspicions of that zone.

Ending with this for the streamlining, and the consideration that one could easily scale this for a tabletop.

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