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Like watching Weeping Angels move, but happier

After less than a day of soaking, the beans have expanded considerably in size, particularly the Runners. The onion bottoms seem to be developing more quickly in soil, and so many more of the butternuts have exploded upward. There's no movement from the pepper seeds that were in the jalapeño (irradiated? also 0241) I used in the pickled onions, so I'm thinking fresh seed stock (noting "binhi") of that and cilantro are next on the list. (Also noting "palay" is 'rice seedling to be transplanted,' - correction, just "rice plant" - so yes, that's exactly why the process looks the same.)

他们是夫妻吗? 那是灵位. (Hang on - if that's "ouija," Meph, then what's the black thing on the right?) 她说了 "报仇." 他们的孩子吗? With some people, it's 白痴 to think they're twins, despite some similarities; with this 女演员, it's quite difficult to tell the difference between her and the one I'm familiar with. Same with 皇后 的 弟弟 的 女人 的 女演员 在 Aesop-not-Aesop. Got it - 她说了 "那是我的孩子." 我不明白 - 他们 是 兄弟姐妹 吗,还是 朋友 吗,还是 夫妻 吗? And why do I have the odd feeling that either one or two actors skipped a word in the dialogue because it was implied in speech, the missing word made explicit in the captions?

Adding this for vocab 文莱, 柬埔寨, 印度尼西亚, 老挝, 马来西亚, 缅甸 (note pronunciation cue!), still there 微软, 新加坡, 泰国, 越南, 日本; also because surprise - apart from each country's relations with vocab 美国 (or with 豺狼 政权 for that matter), they have this odd thing for their own national sovereignty as well.

Adding this for vocab 加拿大. Also this for vocab 尼泊尔.

Adding this as a nudge to Sundowner et al about using fossils until greens are ready, because it's blatantly obvious that others have no qualms about doing so to shore up their energy supplies.

Adding this because, 熊兄弟 et al, what your 豺狼政权 is doing is taking advantage of a weak old man whose ambition landed him and his family squarely in your pocket, repeatedly mistreating neighbors and expecting fairness in return, and overfishing outside your waters because you're not content with destroying your own. Sometimes it takes a while to see just how much a 老豺狼 sticks to a pattern, but that's why I use observation to generate the rule of once is an accident, twice a coincidence...

Penultimate this because I haven't watched this battle in a while, and it's fascinating to watch others' reactions to material I also enjoyed. The vid also shows the difference between tap shoes and (if I have the correct term) Irish step hardshoes (?); and I have to ask, do step dancers still hold to what I observed, that men only do hardshoe and women do both hard- and softshoe? (MEPH BETTER FIGURE OUT SOME AI THAT ADDS ADS WHERE THEY DON'T BREAK THE SPELL, 'CAUSE WHAT IT GOT NOW GOT ME SKIPPING THESE ADS MORE THAN EVER!)

Ending with this because it's literally not, but also entirely fuzzy.

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