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I think it's a pity the only journalist worth respecting is still the fictional one, and I see more in those willing to take a risk for those who can't, as I'm sure there are those who see more in their entertainers than mere cosplayers throwing gang signs. (Heh. This is kinda funny.)

I question why other countries are more willing to act on the values associated with the country in which these companies are based.

I find myself agreeing with this safety precaution (though phew, that's quite a fine), and wonder if there will be a similarly heavy penalty imposed on the breaking of strictures imposed on language, o poster child for term limits.

And I'm glad there's somebody keeping an eye on these numbers, as well as developments in the tech space, aerospace, and higher education.

Also, not surprised that there are still 路障 in the way of an investigation that's been blocked and stalled for nearly a year now, in a country increasingly willing to rewrite law to its own benefit regardless of the rewrite's effect on others.

Before I forget, I'll add these articles, and pose the question of whether or not one should assume that these people are on different sides of an issue.

Ending with these, because despite everything, there's still a bit of blue sky.

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