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Looks like there is a difference.

States choose whether or not to make a distinction between absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. At least one state chooses to take precautions with voter IDs, such as requiring a driver's license or SSN, though other states may not. I wonder why not, but this I don't wonder about - it's misleading to call them the same thing.

Also, if one's local voting facilities are open and one takes precautions with distancing and protective equipment, it is permissible to vote in person, even this early. (Useful information, thank you, and a pleasant telephone voice as well.)

Now back to the reruns with that actor, the one with the no news = uninformed and with news = misinformed. Interesting to see that one of those reruns included a flyboy-turned-cop in the role of an abusive husband.

(And while I'm thinking of it, it'll take a lot more than the offer of a drink to lure back the people driven away by policies that made it clear they were an option - you know, people with disposable income, police officers, truck drivers...)

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