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Looky that

I love it when cameramen laugh.

Eyes on this because of course it's tied directly to the biggest issue in the news cycle. Grain of salt because the effort of collaboration may not be strictly necessary on this tech issue; however, there are people who consider pricey purses a need rather than a want. I wouldn't be surprised if this collaboration is a bit of a purse.

Eyes on this vocab: 缅甸 - it sounds rather like 'no limits,' and there's been plenty of coverage on how far that went.

Eyes on this too because the ignoring (not ignorance) won't change. (Still there, 微软.)

(If elite's like racism, then the rewards should be likewise similar. The difference between workers is easy to see. And lest I forget 金融家, adding this alongside as well.)

Ending with this because it's a new addition to the feed, and fitting considering how I ended an earlier one. (Some unexpectedly sweet timing leads me to add these articles - bunny cuts!)

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