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- Today, I ran into a replay of something while channel surfing and now have a question - where's toh-koh-zah-bahd? The speaker mentioned points about an opposing nation-state that reminded me of similar points on yet another I've eyes on. (If I remember correctly, the 国's connected to the other side of this speaker's conflict as well, so the tie between the speech I watched and this bit of rambling text is closer than I may have first thought.)

- I made some changes to this portion before posting, but the gist of what I wanted to say is - look in a mirror for a source of conflict, 豺狼, before looking for what seems like an easier target. (Belated vocabulary review: 脱空汉- I think I e-mailed this one's predecessor [LOUDER!] some tea and bits of teapot; also, still there, 微软.)

- Bit of a digression, but these people are stronger than I am to continue what they do despite everything, and stories like these (脱空汉!) deserve to be pushed forward sooner than I've done.

- Ending with this bit of snickersnort, though I'm thinking two of those sets of tan lines are unlikely.

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