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Memory and open tabs FTW

Of course it's 茶杯. Way to play on 迷信. (五阿哥 的 额娘 死了. Huh. Modern versus historical usage?) The problem with a historical 12-hour day is trying to figure out whether subtitles like 'spent six to eight hours' on something means 6 to 8 out of 12 or 24. Of all the impractical uniforms, that is the pits. Noting that a term like 看 emphasized is just the same 汉字twice, 看看; however, if it's a term like 放心, it isn't the pair repeated (放心放心) but each 汉字 doubled in place (放放心心).

Huh. Anyone else notice there are more ads for count's well over 10 and on its way to 50? I've lost track myself, but I'm glad to see that count's going up. And for those who think using the app in question on personal devices is an acceptable risk, I'd look at the numbers on burnout. This link doesn't answer what demographic produces content for the app, more about who tends to use it by age and gender. A few people going through that might have a negligible effect (not affect) on the population at large, but how that would affect (not effect) an ever smaller base? (And why does this feel a bit like smallpox blankets? Huh. Looks like it's not just me. Consider that the people who did their own testing in this article, as well as the other publications cited within it, are among the ones I'd find more likely to defend the platform now; tell me again who's doing the politicizing.)

Adding this to wonder if the ban's added onto the funding bill to rush the funding through, and why the ban can't be passed on its own.

Also consider how the app may be used for disseminating 煤气灯 figurative. "The protesters made provocations first," did they? People protesting being made to leave their home by a draconian regime would be harassing and provoking indeed for such a 豺狼政权, but I wonder if there's footage from earlier on in the incident that shows who started the physical side of things - the 匹夫不君子 or the protesters they accuse. Keep one's eyes open around 豺狼政权 - 我不信任你们.

Adding these for vocab 日本, 印度, 越南.

Adding this for давай.

Adding these articles for fratello, 兄弟, брат, and timing.

Adding this in an era where there's plenty access to background information regarding slips on both AF1 and Lotus and y'all picked that rhymes with sucker anyway. (Way to go.)

Ending with this because curiosity's looping back around.

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