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Memory and open tabs, let me count the ways.

Something makes me wonder about variety show study material, despite the bleh of it being heavy on the crosstalk, loud sound effects, and stylized fonts when I can barely read the regular captions at speed. Other such shows I've encountered over time bounce from topic to topic in different segments (music, fashion, et cetera), so I thought this was something similar, and that I'd just stumbled on a cooking segment. However, going by what I did catch of the text in the game show segment, I have to ask if the entire show is based entirely on food. Oh yay, 普通话在法国! (Not yea.) What was in that needle? Sedative? Narcotic? Was 他的儿子 undercover or an informant? Any anesthetic effect? (Adding this as a timeline reference for any period study material. Specifying these points for current study material.)

I'm surprised that ick-apologist could write anything that's on the same side I'm on about any issue, but if even he can change his position on the platform "180 degrees," I'd like to think that those who up the count worldwide and closer by can earn greater acceptance of the strictures they place on the app in question. Although, apart from the need to self-medicate with things cute and fuzzy, I disagree with ick-apologist on the point that if something can be weaponized (like sand, trade agreements - vocab 立陶宛 among others - or still there 微软, for instance) it will be.

Adding this for further reading on 葱 - I think I was hasty in attributing more to 豺狼政权的水客 (water visitor?) than I should, but the balance tilts more one way than the other.

Adding this for vocab 日本 - at least they're readying for surrounding circumstances, 酒肉朋友, whether they want it or not.

Adding these articles ("she" means stars and garters it's spreading) and thinking of ostriches; and this for any part of the nepo baby argument still ongoing.

Moving this to penultimate for an article I'd read earlier that spoke of the combination of "all" and "y'all" specifically for the plural. (Code switching to follow.)

Ending with this because blessed are they. (Whey.)

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