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Memory endures

I've been quite clear about my stance on 豺狼政权, and on those who mess with food. Tying those to more recent news, I find comparing gas stovetops to a running car is ridiculous unless one's in a working kitchen, and I'm more familiar with controlling heat beneath different cooking vessels when using open flame; I'm thinking of woks in particular, and the difference between woks on rings versus in a hollow. That said, it's possible to use other stovetops, even for woks, and I've read info on a subsidy (? - hang on, rebate). Thing is, how did that initiative work with electric vehicles? I think I linked to an article earlier that showed it wasn't pulling in so many bites.

Acknowledging, but not linking to, a 40% drop. (Screenshots.)

Acknowledging, but not linking to, yet another fratello letter. (Ponticlast.)

Acknowledging, but not linking to - is it still four, or has the count bumped up to five?

Adding this for those who also have eyes on fast track to 50, and this to ensure eyes on the count to 一百九十九.

Ending with this because it sounds like another - not the one I was thinking of, this, but still quite a record.

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