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Memory games

It's cute how the rerun with the corrugated metal roofs wants to redefine the blue pill.

There was an article that dropped into the feed earlier mentioning something along the lines of 'if you've made your point, stop arguing.' Re-upping these articles to highlight the stovetop reminder of why 'stop arguing' is exactly what I refuse to do.

Adding this with a paragraph break and bold font to highlight the stovetop - this media manipulation sure looks like a set pattern, and I almost can't believe I called it. Are you sure you're the adults in the room, giving me material to call in the first place? Y'all have no idea how much I'm tempted to capslock and F-bomb.

And since where one is, the other can't be far, adding these articles as well to go loud for those who deserved better from Mr. Brandon Lomax.

Amnesia is dangerous. I think I'll keep going with this project, thanks.

Adding these articles (there, fixed) to 看 what else from overseas ties in to material closer by. (Also this - they're there.)

Ending with this because -nomy is a science.

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