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Might add more later

Yeah, sooner than I meant, but a stitch in time today.

When did I post something about that which can harm from within? No, I'm not posting links to an uptick in those who follow the recommendations in the screenshots (Once again, DubiousTool will find any doubt about such articles resolved in its feedback).

The Junction really is failing its audience. A writing system that hasn't been deciphered - i.e., one modern people can't read, but those people could - and 他们是文盲吗 / 彼らは文盲のものでしたか? Apologies for any inaccuracies in languages I'm studying, but the sentiment of appropriate applause to the educational system that spawned this sort of journalism - that stands. (Just read the writer's creds, which makes the supposition of another people's illiteracy doubly hilarious.)

Adding this bit on another one who'll depart for a new talking head job soon enough. Have fun with Mr. Lomax.

Adding this because now, now, no need to make fun of someone who helped more than you could and sooner; any more than there's a need to make fun of those who have to use a big-name music group to sell their talking points. (The musicians I don't mind. The sundowner who had to rely on citizens of another country is a different matter.)

Adding this because I thought a woman's choice was important to those whose politicians last as long as their clothes.

Adding a few more because despite the departures, it looks like there's still a stubbornness to vocab 香港. (Adding this joke because still there 微软 et cetera.)

Ending with this because aah.

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