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Modified 4/10

About time! One of the spice seedlings popped up in less than a day, the little racer, and the second maybe a day or two after; only now have their fellow seedlings begun to arch their way out of the soil. And for sweatshirt's sake, now the other spice cupboard experiment decides to sprout?! Confirmed - nightshades like heat.

I have to say - after all the countries (vocab 意大利, 西班牙, 美国 off the top of my head) on whom you tried to pass blame, now you're blaming a global organization? A nature as straightforward as this deserves all the accolades and respect of the term 豺狼 政权, and any similar forms of address I can find. (My most recent linguistic experiments 匹夫吏僭 and 奴吏见 could use some new additions.)

It didn't help that 豺狼 政权 had the support, conscious or not, of a Junction now so known for its scapegoating that it's the only means that it can think of to sell, despite the numbers strongly suggesting, along with the lazy thumbnail-title associations and SEO repetitions in my feed, a failure it has yet to learn from. (Aquariums and laptops only because I haven't found the months-long gap between a conservative publication's coverage of the pandemic and a left-wing publication's. And it must be difficult how the sting of projection has faded.)

Adding this for vocab 台湾, and may those who support it have similar resolve.

Adding this for vocab 乌克兰, and may its neighbors expand their numbers.

Ending with this for the furries.

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