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More bee than bird

What threw me about the 红玛瑙 red agate was the 马. If the value of 红玉髓 carnelian isn't tied to the 玉 jade in the name, then what's it tied to? And considering this is on a bracelet, I thought the translation of 米拉 beeswax was another term for amber (nope - that's 琥珀). So is 米拉 just formed into a bead and then lacquered?

There's a fair point mentioned in this - if a news network is funded by the state, it's only right to mark it as such, wherever it is. It's a little more difficult to make a clear-cut call with a 豺狼匹夫 who retires from a state-owned network, yet intends to continue his online activity in the same manner. (Adding this to acknowledge the dips that still populate the platform.)

Adding this because what empathy can one have for such priorities?

Adding this for context, and as a reminder of another transport-related issue with a foreign company.

Adding this to ask if one might begin by condemning nepotism, incompetence, and just plain senility, and then move on to strengthening the institutions that back political shows with actual substance?

Adding this because 'tis the season for zombie movies that make me laugh at who actually supports what in schools.

Adding this to ask, whose disarray? If one is to speak of "a country represented only by corporations pushing a policy that benefits them" or of "billionaire donors dumping millions into elections," then one might do with the information in these links. (I might only be able to access these donor lists on a limited basis myself, so I've taken the liberty of noting the names elsewhere.) Also adding these to wonder why changing one term in the search pulled up less information - caution on the part of the donors is possible, but here's what I got when switching browsers for the same search.

Penultimate this to acknowledge (逗哏人?) who gleefully deliver the (尖? 尖点子? 论点尖? 观点尖? 观尖?).

Ending with this because if I'm interpreting it correctly, it's a halfway point between a more traditional method and a shortcut. However, if I remember correctly what I've read, cell size of plastic foundation can affect the size of the developing bees to their detriment, making them more vulnerable to disease or parasitization; but considering how much honey goes into making wax, it's easy to see why beekeepers use foundation.

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