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More experimenting with construction

Yeesh. No wonder that was a fictional account of civilized behavior. On the bright side, it's reminded me of playtime.

豺狼 isn't new to these posts, but I think I'll use 吏僭 when it comes to matters such as 黑白不分, including those that come with economic and (more strikingly) photographic information to counter claims such as 熊兄弟's. (Unless I've pulled a 黑白不分 and messing with literature actually is democratic.)

Back to 豺狼 吏僭 (的?) 黑白不分 though, I thought I might highlight this bit on who "has never invaded any country, never launched a proxy war, and never joined or formed any military bloc." (Hang on - adding this bit of unconventional warfare before I forget.)

Adding this confirmation of what was noted years ago, but y'all were busy rationalizing a place on the bandwagon.

Adding this because in itself, I've seen worse; however, the events that neon body's tied to encourage this sentiment. (Speaking of Worse - I'll gladly agree with helping a country that has the balls to stand up for itself; doing so by loading one's own citizens with weight-weight-weight "as long as it takes" is the mark of a weak leader that PR doesn't erase.)

Adding this to supplement earlier info on who's on the court, just in case I encounter more talk on its makeup.

Ending with this because I got curious.

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