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If I were to choose, I'd agree more with the third quote in that first group of three than I do with the title of this article - the people around the man himself are more capable of tyranny than he seems to be at this point.

Besides, if one is to speak about "bad faith nonsense," one could hardly miss this example saturating that network's ideological opposite.

And anyway, isn't 'feeling seen' important to those at The Junction?

Thank you for your part in having informed the decisions I make, and for continuing to do so.

Keeping an eye on the links between government and culture (solid cynic at this point) and how a 国 doubles down on the old fella at the top. (Does the 肝胆 mentioned here include the willingness to abide by international law instead of violating the sovereignty of one's neighbors? Still there, 微软.)

Ending with this because this topic popped up in a video feed some years ago, but it's still a fascinating article to find. (Envelop, I think.)

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